Mission Statement

  • Establish standards in order to promote public safety and professionalism in Wyoming’s fishing outfitting industry.

  • Protect and preserve Wyoming’s fisheries, wildlife and aquatic resources.

  • Collaborate with any and all individuals, groups and agencies in all matters of administration and regulations pertaining to fisheries and fishing industry.

Purpose | Philosophy

Reasonable opportunity to provide a quality service on a healthy resource.

  • Influence licensing regulations, conservation concerns, and legislative issues

  • Influence political unity, guide public relations and promote our industry

  • Increase customer service satisfaction and safety

  • Advance outfitter and guide licensing qualifications

  • Monitor and influence fishing regulations

  • Protect fish and their habitat

  • Encourage public awareness and education in order to promote healthy fisheries

In order to achieve our objectives, we must be a united front with a voice. Wyoming has been the “wild west” for a very long time. Most have loved that aspect about guiding in this great state. However, times have changed and we as guides and outfitters must be recognized as professionals and must collaborate to protect these great resources where we are privileged to work. With that said we are asking all guides, outfitters, companies or anyone that would like to be a part of the organization and become a member. Members that are guides/outfitters must be cpr/first aid qualified, insured, and have all appropriate permits for their guided waters. Also, they must adhere to these code of ethics listed below:



1. I will have respect for the resources at all times and also make every reasonable

effort to insure that my clients do not abuse them.

2. I will cooperate with State and Federal Game and Fish officials and will abide by and

advise my clients of all applicable conservation and Game and Fish laws, statutes, and regulations and will not condone their violation.

3. I will maintain serviceable equipment and gear in good working condition.

4. I will employ well-trained, courteous, and sufficient personnel to adequately care for

guests and to facilitate rendering of services.

5. I will maintain neat, orderly, and sanitary conditions at all times. I will provide

reasonable, well-prepared, palatable, and balanced fare for clients and personnel in keeping with conditions of the trip.

6. Rates, accommodations, and services will be clearly defined to prospective clients.

7. I will not misrepresent rates, services, accommodations or otherwise mislead

prospective clients through false or fictitious advertising.

8. I will conduct my business in an ethical and prudent manner in accordance with the

standards required by licensing regulations.

9. I will make every reasonable effort to provide for the safety of clients and personnel

and when necessary will not hesitate to remind anyone of safety rules or call their attention to any other unsafe practices.

10. I will at all times conduct myself in a professional manner with due respect to the

rights and privileges of other members, clients, and the general public.



Governing bodies &representatives

Governing Bodies:


Other Govering Bodies | Drainage | River Representatives: